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Karaca tableware joins sponsors for iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD

We are happy and proud to welcome a new sponsor in the iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD: Karaca from Turkey is specialized in fine tableware, loved by people around the globe. We talked to Karaca's product design manager Engin Akbaba about the company's motivation to support young talents. Reading Time: 4 min | Mar 2023

What is Scandinavian design and why do we love it?

iF Design - iF Magazine: Hygge, Scandi, Ikea and Lego: Scandinavian Design is more than stylish!
From 'Hygge' to Scandi: Nordic design is an ever trending aesthetic, not just since IKEA made it affordable to everyone. With its main characteristics, Scandinavian style conveys calmness and coziness in an instant. Read why it is so much more than a neutral, sandy colors. Reading Time: 6 min | Mar 2023

From Oscar Niemeyer to Guto Requena: A brief history of Brazilian design and architecture

iF Design - iF Magazine: Brazilian Design. Casa de Vidro by Lina Bo Bardi.
From the Amazon to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is vast and complex. Brazilian design reflects this blending of cultures, tradition and nature - from the modern era to the present. Reading Time: 7 min | Feb 2023

ChatGPT answers questions about design: "Exclusive" interview with the AI

ChatGPT answers questions about design: "Exclusive" interview with the AI.
ChatGPT is not only trending due to founder of OpenAI Sam Altman, it raises the questions of the extent to which certain professional fields can be automated by programs. Scary? We at iF Design asked ourselves instantly: What will it bring to design? Who could better answer it, than the AI itself? Reading Time: 5 min | Feb 2023

Valentine's Day at iF DESIGN: Love the color red in design

iF Magazine - Ferrari 296 GTB_Racing Car
What other color matches the feeling of love the best, than red? On Valentine's Day we want to express our love for design by looking for the most iconic red designs in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022. A tense color: either you love red or not - it is a bold design decision. Reading Time: 2 min | Feb 2023

iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD: WONDERLAND'S Renee Wang about sponsoring young Talents

You just can’t organize a competition for talented design students, based on the UN Sustainability Goals, without the support of professionals, of companies, who live by these ideas too. Just like our sponsor WONDERLAND, an expert in nursery goods. Reading Time: 5 min | Feb 2023

Great Design comes with Responsibility: Interview with GRAFT Architects

GRAFT Architects were honored with an iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE 2022 for their compact, autonomous modular units with integrated solar panels for sustainable energy supply in remote regions of Africa: SOLARKIOSK. We talked to them about architecture and social responsibility. Reading Time: 5 min | Jan 2023

Taiwanese design student wins four iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARDS 2022

At this year's iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2022 he broke a little record – Chien-Chen Lai, 23-year old design student from Taiwan, has been honored with four awards for his student concepts, one with prize money and the SAMSUNG Design Prize by iF. And he is not new to the competition! Reading Time: 7 min | Nov 2022

Digital Public Art revolutionized – Why South Korean d’strict is not a traditional agency

iF Design - iF Magazine: Interview with Digital Public Art agency d'strict
In recent years, digital media art has developed vigorously around the world. The multi-award-winning digital art agency d`strict is an expert in the field - but does not want to be called "agency"! Reading Time: 8 min | Nov 2022


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TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2023 winner: Big Nash, 03 cycling accessories.
TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2023: The results are in! Seven gold award winners revealed! 21 Mar 2023
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iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023: Last call for design students. Register until 8 March 2023.
iF DESIGN STUDENT AWARD 2023: Last Call for Design Students 23 Feb 2023



Interview with Life Innovation Design Center of LG Electronics: Innovation for a Better Life

"LG is a life brand that focuses on the lifestyles of our customers. We pursue innovation that enriches customers lives and values people." Reading Time: 13 min | Aug 2022

Creating the Perfect Interface between "Man and Product"

Interview with Achim Pohl - Designer, Co-Founder and CEO of ARTEFAKT Design Reading Time: 20 min | Nov 2020