Each year, iF Design organizes one of the most celebrated and valued design competitions worldwide - the iF DESIGN AWARD.

Recognized as a symbol of outstanding design, nearly 11.000 entries from 57 countries were submitted to the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2022!

Our reputation as one of the oldest truly independent design institutions in the world rests on our integrity , which clearly sets us apart from our competitors. Since 1953, iF e.V. has followed six guiding principles :

  • Identifying, supporting and promoting good design

  • Raising awareness of design among the general public

  • Helping companies integrate design into their long-term strategies

  • Safeguarding the role of professional designers and boosting awareness for this job

  • Driving social change through design

  • Supporting talented young designers and creating a platform for them

Design Legends in the iF Jury

iF DESIGN AWARD Jury Session 1990 - iF Jurors: Herbert Lindinger, Kenji Ekuan, Herbert Schultes, Dean Richardson, Robert Blaich, Michele de Lucchi, Dieter Rams, Yuri Solovjev, Vittorio Lampugnani, Stefan Lengyel

iF Jury Session 1990

Left to right:
iF tech assistant, iF tech assistant, Herbert Lindinger , Kenji Ekuan , iF tech assistant, Herbert Schultes , Dean Richardson , Robert Blaich , Michele de Lucchi , Dieter Rams , Yuri Solovjev , Vittorio Lampugnani , Stefan Lengyel .


1953 : Germany was still struggling to overcome the impact of the Second World War, at home and abroad. Six years after the British occupying forces selected Hanover as a venue for trade fairs, efforts were made to complement the fair with an institution that would foster and support the “formal design of industrial products” in Germany .

The Hannover Messegesellschaft was inspired by the ideas of the visionary entrepreneur Philip Rosenthal , who also played a key role in the Federation of German Industry (BDI), where he was committed to bringing together the worlds of culture and business . This concept was also adopted for the foundation of the new institution. Together with the Messegesellschaft and the Federation of German Industry, Rosenthal created this unique institution: iF e.V .

This was the start of a symbol of design excellence that is recognized to this day – the iF logo .

The aim was to draw attention to particularly well-designed industrial products . In doing so, they wanted to communicate the importance of design and all the things it can achieve: for users, for brands and for societies. A new image for German products began to take shape . Fittingly, the resulting association was first known as 'Die gute Industrieform e.V.' ( =Good Industrial Form ). The name Industrie Forum (or iF for short) came later.


Wilhelm Wagenfeld provided valuable support at the time and wrote a wonderful opening address for the foundation of iF Industrie Forum Design e.V. It was published in the first book on iF e.V. Although six decades have passed since then, his words have lost none of their significance, enthusiasm and validity. Download the opening adress by Wilhelm Wagenfeld about "Thoughts and Experiences of a Designer".

As the original movement looked back to the Bauhaus and its concept of 'good form' – a combination of ethical and aesthetic qualities – so too the iF DESIGN AWARD has long become a symbol for excellent form, for aesthetic quality, and for user-focused, ergonomic and efficient design in all disciplines, by companies around the world. In 2001, iF International Forum Design GmbH took over the operating business that includes organizing and hosting the iF DESIGN AWARDS. Since then, iF e.V. has focused more on its role as a mediator between design and business.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld
"In the same way in which we can read from an antique jug what trends and movements over time have influenced the master craftsman, in that same way, an industrial product shows us the mindset from which it is derived."

Over 60 high Profile Jury Sessions and Award Ceremonies | Social Impact and a new Foundation

Every year since, iF invited designers and manufacturers to judge which designs are award-worthy and which not – not only the number of award entries grew over the years –  the number of jurors from all around the world grew to about 70 to 90 people each year. Designers such as Dieter Rams , Richard Sapper , Franco Clivio , Stefan Dietz and Paola Picasso , to name just a few, have already taken part in the iF jury sessions .


we organize one of the world's most celebrated and valued design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD . Recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world, it welcomes more than 10,000 submissions from nearly 60 countries every year.


iF Design Foundation

Through our design awards and social engagement, we have built an outstanding international reputation for the iF brand. The new iF Design Foundation will build on this, actively developing a more versatile mission.