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Winner Success Stories

EcoFábrica Criativa Santos – Making hand-crafted Furniture From Recycled Wood

This supported by iF project embodies sustainable consumption and helps socially vulnerable groups since 2016. The initiators from Brazil are planning a very special exhibition.

A creative and well-considered approach in fighting waste, linear economy and unemployment is realized in EcoFábrica Criativa Santos . It’s a public facility belonging to the city of Santos in the Brazilian federal state of São Paulo. In 2017, this project won the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE and was honored with prize money of Euro 10,000. Flavia Neves Dantas – EcoFábrica ’s project manager at the municipal Secretariat of Entrepreneurship, Creative Economy and Tourism – summarizes: "This prize gave credibility and visibility to the project among professionals related to the area of interior design, architects and the general public."

"The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE 2017 gave credibility and visibility to the project among professionals related to the area of interior design, architects and the general public."

Flavia Neves Dantas

EcoFábrica’s project manager at the Secretariat of Entrepreneurship, Creative Economy and Tourism of the city administration of Santos

The award arrived at an opportune moment in the initial phase of the EcoFábrica. According to Flavia, much of the roof of the old 500 square meter warehouse protected by heritage laws was detached by a storm in the end of 2018. Without repair, carpentry training courses might have had to be cut back. The roof work was part of a larger renovation plan. "With the prize money, we could further invest in some new structures. Our classroom was expanded by the removal of one of the walls, making the space much larger and more suitable for both students and teachers" , Flavia says.

In fact, carpentry training courses are at the heart of this project. Under the guidance of two carpentry teachers, the mostly unemployed and retired students between 25 and 60 years old learn how to produce small objects and hand-crafted items – such as boxes and cell phone holders – and how to carry out minor furniture restorations. They use only recycled wood from local recycling depots. So far, more than 60 people have taken part in the courses, ten of them are even now working as self-employed, as Flavia reports.


Furniture Projects
The furniture projects are designed by designers and architects to be done by students using only recycled wood.
Carpentry Training
The carpentry training courses aim to increase the employment opportunities and the quality of life for unemployed and retired people.
Work Process
During the work process, all types of metallic material must be removed and the wood has to be cleaned and sanded in order to restore the state of the natural wood.
The ends or sides must be cut to keep them in perfect condition for the use and, if necessary, the angles must be adjusted so that the individual parts fit together perfectly.
The Finishing
The finishing depends on what was required, which can be lacquered paint, enamel paint or varnish to name just a few. The desired product is further executed by a designer or an architect of Club Design de Santos.
The Ecofábrica Criativa
The Ecofábrica Criativa occupiues a 500 square meter warehouse protected by heritage laws and is fully operated by the municipality.
The Building
Before the project started, the building was temporarily used by a film production company supported by Santos' municipality and just like the Ecofábrica it focused on social work.
iF Social Impact Prize
The prize money of the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE helped Ecofábrica's project team to repair the building's roof which was largely detached by a storm in the end of 2018.

Since 2016, the municipality is being working in cooperation with Club Design, a civil society organization whose designers create many kind of wood objects to be produced by the students and distribute it in local stores. With this innovative concept, the EcoFábrica was further rewarded at the 7th Brazilian Object Award in 2020, in the category of socio-environmental action.

The coronavirus pandemic forced the team to close the on-site training temporarily. Already enrolled students receive video instructions. Flavia says: “We look forward to reopening the EcoFábrica, hopefully in August. For some of our students, as we keep in touch during lockdown, the courses also have contributed to their mental health and personal satisfaction.” So what is more to be expected? "Among others, we are renovating a showroom area in which we showcase pilot pieces with the partnership of Club Design and an exhibition on winning the iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE 2017."

The iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE aims to publish and support projects that contribute to our society. In 2017, EcoFábrica Criativa Santos belonged to six projects in total that were financially supported by iF.


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